Saturday, June 19, 2010

another mystical sheet, I found you under a thousand destinies
listening to the it album from 3 years ago, will life always be like
a regurgitation, praying on each other in fragile states.
you posted it, you are so weird. It is not for you to say
one empty room in a villa that doage is done,
it seems forgotten, a wah cut and a plaster type job
not in a wonderful place haunted by a history comp
sugarcoated love slipped through my fingers
better try and make a marriage to something before its too

shut up with your appocolyptic mouth we say. i gotta bite it
harder than ever before, a big selfidh bite, grip it, be hard
wordsworth no i don't know, there's too many scenarios in my head
tommorow's world, its all shit and wasted time, slippery sins

then blistering into you i called you through our secret conch
you hold it up and i blow. the candelabras are all lit and ready to go
im waiting for the call, when it all boils down far
too romantic for a buffet of broken words and edgy faces,
the magical pictures on my wall have lost all services historical

garden is all im yearning for now and a billion bits of dry instant coffee stuck to my lungs. I hope you called have you called yet

desert burger with two dream thugs
you are hanging on to your dream thug by a thread ditch me
switched im so drunk that im dead, do you know what i did last night
do you really wanna know? im hearing this in an accent in my head

and its like whoa. blister slow im shocked im scared i

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